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International standard ISO17025 certification
U.S. Blood Banks AABB certification
New York Department of Health NYSDO certification
American Journal of Clinical Pathology CAP certification
    Our center DNA laboratory has the most advanced technology. Our professional suggestion and DNA identification have been obtained trust from the government bodies and the field of forensic medicine all over the world. They are widely used in the forensic medicine and the investigation of evidence of guilty. We provide the international pioneer super accurate 20 bit points DNA Paternity Test, and we double check for each sample, providing the most accurate result for your sample DNA. We could meet 100% accuracy after excluding and above 99.999% accuracy without excluding.
    There are two types of paternity test we provide. One is for personal private use and the other is for legal judicial identification. The accuracy is the same. If you need to hand in the test report for the purpose of evidence on the law court or for the purpose of migration, please kindly contact our hotline for your suggestion. Most of the families only need the paternity test for personal reference. You could collect DNA sample easily at home by just pulling five hairs.
DNA Test for Personal Family Use (Paternity Test)
The price and types of the samples:
RMB1000 (hairs, mouth cell cotton swab and blood trace)
The three normal samples you could provide are: hair, mouth cell cotton swab and bloodstain.
You could also provide special samples by paying RMB800 more for processing:
One hair, body hair, cigarette end, seminal stain, tooth brush, chewing gum, musculature, aborted substance, skeleton, suction tubes, cups, shorts, secretion, menses blood, bedsheet, spit, tooth, fingernail, pregnant womans embryo amniotic fluid, pregnant womans embryo fuzz
Sample collection and preservation:
  1.Hair: pulled 5 hairs with hair root;
  2.Mouth cell cotton swab: Slightly wipe 10 times inside the mouth and collect the mucosa cell, but not the spit.
  3.Finger bloodstain: Stab the finger with needle and squeeze out three drops of blood on the gauze or paper;
  Be careful to preserve: wrap by paper to make the sample in the condition of dry and ventilate. Please do not dry the sample and avoid the direct sunshine. Please submit to test within 30 days.
The procedure for sending the sample and purchase the paternity test
1.Leaving message on the website or contact our English or Japanese consultant;
2.Sending your collected sample to the nearest service address;
3.Our lab center will call you or email you the result and send the written report to you within 7 working days.
Our sample collection service center addresses:
1.No.2025, Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui district, Shanghai, PR. China ( near Yi Shan Road)
2.Life and Science Park, Zhong Guan Cun, Hai Dian District, Beijing, P.R.China
3.No.555, Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
24 hours toll- free hotline: 400-6577-626
Hotline in Shanghai: 021-50899583 18916099613
English hotline:13391253863 15601691258
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